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Batman with Batmobile Cosbaby - Collectible Set

Batman with Batmobile Cosbaby - Collectible Set

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“It's not exactly a normal world, is it?" –Batman.

When the Bat-Signal flashes across the night sky, Batman springs into action and descends from the rooftops to defend the citizens of Gotham City from the criminal underworld that threatens them. Based on the classic Batman released in 1989, Sideshow and Hot Toys present Batman with Batmobile Cosbaby(s) Collectible Set! Each Cosbaby stands approximately 12cm tall with a rotatable head and themed figure base.

Batman with Batmobile collectible set includes the Caped Crusader and Batmobile within a single exciting package! Consider as one of the most recognizable iterations of the Dark Knight’s ride, the Batmobile is positively massive, measures about 17 cm in length and 9cm in height. Batman Cosbaby is removable from the vehicle to display individually.

Join the fight! The great city of Gotham and its dark knight depend on you!

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