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MHA: The Evil Villains Vol. 4 - Tomura Shigaraki

MHA: The Evil Villains Vol. 4 - Tomura Shigaraki

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From Banpresto. Tomura Shigaraki returns to the Evil Villains line from Banpresto in this non-scale figure that stands just under 4" tall.

Tomura Shigaraki is from the popular anime series, My Hero Academia. He is a villain, the leader of the League of Villains, and the main antagonist of the series. When wearing his villain outfit, he has 14 disembodied hands clasped onto his arms, chest, neck, head, and face. None of the hands appear to have any known meaning except for the hand that covers his face, which he refers to as “Father”, as he expresses visible distress when it is removed.

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