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Lilo & Stitch - Stitch Zippermouth 10" Plush Figure

Lilo & Stitch - Stitch Zippermouth 10" Plush Figure

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Stitch, the manic ball of adorable chaos that invades the Earth in the classic Disney Film Lilo and Stitch, is dangerously cute. He’s so cute, in fact, there’s a real chance you’ll want to make our Zippermouth™ plush of the genetically-engineered alien part of your ohana. And as we all know, ohana means family. 

Charming, edgy and packed with personality, Zippermouth™ are soft, cute, and full of details that will appeal to even the most discerning adult collector. The Stitch Zippermouth™ features individually stuffed claws on all six of his paws, embroidered details of his eyes, nose and paws (Zippermouth™ never use print detailing), and custom-dyed bright blue fabric that’s super soft to the touch. Complete with his signature antennae, oversized floppy ears, tufts of blue hair and even ridges on his back, this is the most expressive and detailed plush Stitch ever produced. And, of course, all Zippermouth™ feature their trademark zippered smile: Just unzip to reveal Stitch’s iconic alien tongue and his mischievous grin. 

Zippermouth™ are certain to inspire joy with interactivity and active play like no other collectible plush. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, so snuggle up with the Stitch Zippermouth™. He wasn’t born bad - he’s just engineered that way. 

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